The manufacturing technology

  Meiboku is not possible to miss for Japanese-style room and alcove architecture which utilized wisdom and skills inherited from the predecessor. Our company selects natural materials carefully and with the original newest technology, we produce meiboku which we are proud of.

  The UV coating system


  Kumamoto factory
  Kagoshima factory
What is`The UV coating system`.

By irradiating photocurings type coating material and ink, adhesive composed of prepolymers, photoinitiators and pigments, etc. with UV (ultravioletray) it. Therefore, hard coating film is possible in short time, and it is excellent in excoriation resistance, heat-resistance, and tolerance. It is be a machine leaving fact, and it deals with the advanced work in which the quality in which there was the performance from the painting to the drying only in skilled craftsman is high in the short time.


  The alcove post precutting system
What is`The alcove post precutting system`.

It is a system done beforehand in the factory building material until now carpenter construction site joint connection tennon, etc.. Until now, the manufacturing process with the performance only in professionals and human would be accurately and quickly made so that the machine may automatically work by introduction of the system. By the high-precise precutting processing, cross section and finishes no accuracy and strength of connection and joint error it is high more and more. The dispersion of the quality by the hand processing by the human is solved, and both materials and labor are held, the cost reduction is realized. This make the quality of housing better, and the house itself have more durability.

The quiet electricity coating system

What is`The quiet electricity coating system`.

The materials (coated matter) that charged and earthed coating material by high voltage DC got by the electrostatic generator is made to absorb it in electrostatic attraction.
In heating the coating material applied in lacquer-ware by the furnace, it melts, it hardens, a connected film is formed.
By using this system, the coating material was drastically able to be reduced, and the high-quality painting became possible.
There are many merits, such as stability of the finish skin, security of film thickness, deletion of the correction paint, environmental improvement, and many more.


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