What is'MEIBOKU'

  The directly meaning of `meiboku` is the noble wood. It is the tree for building house, and for using in furniture. In a word, it is the building material. Generally, the material of the tree for building house is called `zaimoku` which is the wood. `Meiboku` is high-quality and rare value which unlike the wood, and it is used in parts and furniture of the interior finishing and decoration.

  The difference between `meiboku`(noble wood) and `zaimoku`(wood).
  There is a difference between these two in the quality.
The reasons to be `meiboku` is the quality, such as form, color, grain, luster, gloss in excellent and that there is the taste.
Though as a type, cedars, pines, and keyaki are mentioned, the tree species is not often required if there is original natural beauty of the tree.
Usually people evaluate the tree with age, annual ring, and the thing with the beautiful grain is excellent in the durability. And also gloss and beauty of regarding eye.
But sometimes the tree has knot, has own taste with non straight grain in differing form, and beauty of figure and balance. These may be the reason to be `meiboku`.

  To look after and care, the natural and beautiful tree is raised as `meiboku`.


The craftsman may finish it to `meiboku` from natural beautiful material like good old tree and famous tree, in order to utilize as it is beauty, but otherwise sawyer or sawing machine produce `meiboku`.
`Meiboku` is the building material which grain, color gloss are excellent. In now, processed `meiboku` which imitated `meiboku` of the natural wood seems to spread around.
  `Meiboku` needs more hands of craftsmen to draw the merit of the material than usual wood.
So that the craftsman with knowledge and experience work with concentration and politely finishes it. This is for the elegance, taste of the tree, and Japanese lacquer to look better.

  Wood culture and climate of Japan.
  The wood architecture is suitable for Japanese climate which is gentle to the human.
  Japan advance from the ancient with the nature.
The construction technique using the natural tree is high level, and also recognized for safety and artistry.
Generally, when the tree with the age of 100 builds a house, it lasts 100 years+.
It was possible to protect the family from the generation of the house chic syndrome. And also improving the technology which to arrange the rich wood in the right uses.
The tree respires, and it has tolerance to a change of temperature.
The architecture is the fusion of technology and culture which is good for people health and mentality.

  We are losing nature, losing `meiboku`.  
  Further from development in recent years and situation of agriculture and forestry, there are not many big trees these days. This happen gives rare value to the both of trees which are old trees in the nature and big trees with our repair.
`Meiboku` is a necessary material in house of Japan which gives you the harmony of beauty and comfort.

  Beauty and harmony of`meiboku`.
  When you choose `meiboku`, it is important to consider purpose of the room and to make a good match with your room. 
  Inside the room there is alcove post with beautiful luster and stiffness, floor and floor-frame that decorate dignity of Japanese zashiki. Therefore the room which used refined `meiboku` gives calm mind and well-balanced space to people in the room.
Choose the usage with your total application and harmony.
The living surrounded in the beauty of real things which time polished since the ancient, gives great treat to your heart.

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