Corporate outline

    Name yamato-meiboku Inc.
    Headquarters 3-2-24 jyuzenji kumamoto city 869-2402 Japan
    Branches sales branch:
3-2-24 jyuzenji kumamoto city
606-1 onaka sasaguri town kasuya-gun fukuoka

3-2-24 jyuzenji kumamoto city fukuoka office
1187-3 yusuki kooriyama town hioki-gun kagoshima

    Founded 25th October 1967
    Established 25th May 1970
    Business activities flooring products, laminated wood set, and manufacturing whole-sale speciality.
    Capital 15 million yen
    President Kenichi Yoshimura
    Number of employees 85

May 1967.

May 1970.
Feb. 1972.
May 1972.
May 1974.
Apr. 1977.
May 1984.

May 1987.

Apr. 1988
May 1988.

Sep. 1989.

Sep. 1990.
May 1992.
Jun. 1992.




`yamato mokuzai kenzaibu` established in jyuzenji kumamoto city.
Started Yaku cedar board and post sale
yamato mokuzai kenzaibu Inc, (capital 5 million yen) established.
Hqrs. factory were built, and produced alcove post mainly.
Increase the capital to 6.005 million yen.
Fukuoka sales branch established at kasuya towm kasuya-gun fukuoka.
Kagoshima sales branch established at oyamada kagoshima.
Name of company yamato mokuzai kenzaibu Inc, changed to yamato-meiboku Inc,.Increase the capital to 15 million yen.
Kagoshima factory were built, at the time kagoshima sales branch moved to the same place.
Hdqrs. new office opened.
The show-room for Japanese style alcove `tokono-ma` opened with the aim of developing operation structure.
Timber processing plant in head factory moved with the aim of developing production structure.
Fukuoka sales branch moved to sasaguri town kasuya-gun fukuoka.
Kagoshima sales branch system was separated,
To the system of Kumamoto factory, Kagoshima factory, Kumamoto sales branch, and Fukuoka sales branch.
Paining facilities introduced to Kumamoto factory with the aim of developing production structure.
Painting facilities introduced to Kagoshima factory with the aim of developing production structure.
Kumamoto factory and warehouse were built and were extended, and the electrostatic coating facilities was introduced, and the reinforcement of the production structure was attempted.

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